2013 Energy Rebates

It’s not every day you find $300 laying around your house. But that may be exactly what’s happening to people all over the US who installed energy efficient HVAC and water heating equipment in 2012.

The “fiscal cliff” fiasco of late 2012 was enough to scare politicians and lawmakers into signing legislature that allows for rebates to continue, and even be retroactive for people who were willing to make an investment in future savings by upgrading their appliances. This is great news for people whose heater and air conditioners were using up valuable energy and costing them an arm and a leg.

Tax Credits are available for qualifying equipment that includes water heaters ($300), furnaces ($150), air conditioning and heat pump systems ($300), and advanced main circulating fans ($50). Additional information, including specific qualifying information on each type of unit, is available at the Energy Star website, where you can also obtain access to claim forms.

If you were savvy enough to make any of these energy efficient improvements last year, head over to the website and claim your reward. You deserve it!