End of Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips

It’s that time of year again. The kids have gone back to school, the mornings are feeling brisk, and your HVAC unit is desperately looking forward to a little break from the Summer heat. Now is the perfect time to show your appreciation for all the hard work it does! Taking a few minutes to have Peck perform these End of Summer Maintenance Tips will save you time and money in the long run. During your inspection, a Peck professional technician will:

  1. Replace your air filter. It’s not a pretty job, but it needs to be done. Say buh-bye to all that dirt, pollen, and who knows what else that has been collecting there all Summer long.

  2. Check for abnormal odors or sounds. We will listen to and inspect your system inside and the outside for unusual smells or sounds. Rattling or abnormal odors may be signs of a leakage.

  3. Inspect your fan blades for corrosion or excessive wear. If needed, we’ll apply a simple lubricant for proper maintenance.

  4. Inspect drains, nozzles, and tubing. Check for leaks, drips, and condensation to discourage mildew from forming.

Also, don’t forget to clean up around your outside or inside unit. Trim foliage and clear away dirt, debris, leaves, or other obstructions to create a “defensible space” to avoid fire and other safety hazards.

To schedule a thorough maintenance of your HVAC unit or find out about our annual maintenance plan, call us at (916) 864-3483 today!

Tips for Preparing Your Home For Winter


We’ve felt the first cooler days of Fall and even though the weather is teasing us with a few more warm days, it’s time to prepare our homes for the colder weather that’s just around the corner.

Here is a list of preparations that should be done to ensure your heating system and home are ready for the Fall and Winter. Please keep in mind that there are some items that are better left to the professionals. Be safe and call us to help you where needed! Don’t get left in the cold.

It’s important that an annual, professional inspection of your heating system is performed. A routine, maintenance inspection will ensure that your thermostat and electrical components are working correctly. Your air filter will be changed so that airflow won’t be restricted due to build up.


  • Before turning your water heater or furnace on, be sure that the area surrounding it is clear of all flammables. Give your heater plenty of room to function at it’s best.
  • Remove the sediment at the bottom of your water heater’s tank. Collected sediment can greatly reduce the efficiency of the burner and can even damage the interior lining of the tank when it’s heated.
  • Turn your heater on and check that it’s heating properly. Don’t be alarmed at a distinct dusty smell. Dust settles over the summer and the first time you use your heating unit, you will smell it burning off. You can open your windows and doors until the odor is gone. However, if you smell anything beyond that dusty smell, call a professional.
  • Check all your vents and make sure they’re open. Often one room will be colder than others and it’s simply because the vent is closed. Easy fixes are the best!
  • Use your ceiling fans. Ceiling fans help move the hot air that naturally rises and helps keep your energy costs down and your family warm.
  • Invest in a carbon monoxide detector for your home.
  • Check the batteries in your smoke detectors.
  • Have your chimney and fireplace inspected before you use it for the first time in the season. If necessary, have it cleaned.
  • Check your home for drafts. Seal any drafty windows or doors. This will help keep your energy costs down and keep your home comfortable in the cold weather.

Remember that we are here to help with your heating needs. We’re just a phone call away (916) 864-3483

Common Heating and Furnace Problems


It’s not too early to think about your heating system’s proper function. We may be quite comfortable right now, but the cooler weather is around the corner and it’s important to be ready!

Common problems that we can quickly and easily help you with include:

  • Lack of Maintenance – Don’t be caught without proper heating because you’ve let your routine maintenance go undone. Not only is it a perfect time to get your heating system or furnace checked, but you can take advantage of our 10% OFF Service Special!
  • Furnace or Heating System pilot or ignition control problems – This can result in either no heat or intermittent function.
  • Dirty or Clogged Filters – A build up of dust and dirt make your system less efficient, can cause higher energy bills, create an unhealthy environment for your family and can impair the function of your heating system. The filters should be changed regularly for best performance. Contact us to help change your filters and thoroughly clean your system.
  • Poor Air Flow – Worn Belts, or Motor problems can cause your system to overheat, higher energy bills and lack of heating to your home.
  • Faulty Pilot Light or Electric Ignition – If your heating system burns gas, then you have a pilot light. Most systems normally have an electronic ignition control that lights when you turn the heat on. On older units, the pilot may need to be re-lit in preparation for winter. If you start the system and the pilot light refuses to stay lit, there’s a weak flame, or is orange without the strong blue color, you should call for a professional inspection as soon as possible.
  • Thermostat Malfunctions – This can cause no heat, or fan problems.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, remember Safety First and call in a professional to properly diagnose the problem.

We’re here to help and to keep you and your loved ones safe and comfortable throughout the colder months.

Rocklin, Lincoln, Roseville area A/C PEAK performance for Summer


SUMMER IS UPON US!!!     Are you prepared? Or should I say, is your Air Conditioner prepared?   It has been “hibernating” for months! Good maintenance should be in order to make sure your system is running at PEAK PERFORMANCE, so your summer is a comfortable and pleasurable one.  There are many benefits to having an annual maintenance plan with Peck Heating and A/C……….below are just a few that pertain to your cooling system.  REMEMBER MAINTENANCE SAVES $$$$ 

1.  We will see if the compressor is using too much energy to do the job. (costing you more on your power bill)

2.  We will see if correct voltage is coming to the compressor from the main panel and making sure the wires are all OK.

3. Prevents heat build up and voltage drops.

4. We will look for pitting or burn marks on the contactor to make sure there is a good connection.

5. We will be checking the coil to make sure there are no visible oil spots that may suggest there is a leak.

6.  We will make sure the air leaving the condenser has the correct temperature split to be efficient and in good working order.

7. We will know if there is a problem in the wiring or at the panel.

8. We will make sure we have the correct supply temp and that we are not losing cold air in leaky ducts.

9.  We will make sure the fan motor is running at manufacturers specs, telling us that we are using the correct amount of energy to run this motor.

10. We will verify your system has proper airflow and circulation.

11. We will make sure all drain lines are clear and opened.

12. We will make sure that all safety switches are hooked up and working.

13. We will insure proper airflow to keep your house comfortable and efficient.

All of this is geared to making sure that your system is giving you it’s best when you need it!  And you can rest assured that you and your family will spend the summer in “cool” comfort!

With our “customer assurance plan” you also get 10% off on repairs & 5% off on equipment replacement.


Save your Pets this Summer!


It’s summer and the heat is rising! Trips to the grocery store, home improvement center or the mall are not fun for your animals! Be kind and leave them at home where they are safe and comfortable!  This is the time of year when they are in immediate peril when left in vehicles, even for a few minutes.  Check out this article on keeping your pets safe this summer.

Having a “cool” safe environment for your pets is the responsible and caring way to ensure their safety through the summer months.  Call us and schedule one of our technicians to come and make sure your system is running efficiently and cooling well through the summer heat!

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Tips for Active Adults

“Seniors Make Up 12% of the US population, but are 35% of all fraud victims” ~ Boomer.com 2011

3 Tips for Active Adults

In this video, you will find some helpful tips on what to watch out for when getting an estimate from a heating and air conditioning contractor.

  • False pictures – The homeowner is shown pictures of another unit or attic and are lead to believe it is their own.
  • Being told there is a cracked heat exchanger, which can be a serious problem – Homeowners are again shown false pictures of a cracked heat exchanger and told it is their home.
  • Sabotage – This could involve removing a fuse or shutting the system down and then telling the homeowner that the unit won’t power on and needs to be fixed.

These are a few of the most common ways homeowners can be misled when receiving an estimate.  If you feel like an estimate you have received may not be correct, please call us at (916) 864-3483.  We will send a Certified Technician out to give you a second opinion at no charge.

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Cleaning Your A/C Unit Before Summer is a No Brainer!

Does your A/C unit look like this?


Spring is the perfect time to get a tune-up of your a/c unit designed to help you save money on the electric bill during the hot summer months.

  • Only 1/16th inch of dirt on a coil can raise your utility bill 20%
  • Dirty coils, filters and equipment are responsible for over 50% of most breakdowns.
  • Dirty equipment = dirty air that you are breathing

Cleaning/Inspecting your a/c unit before summer is a “no brainer” (see details below).  Get the latest deals, giveaways, and special offers on our Facebook page!  Head over to  Facebook.com/PeckHeatingandAir, and click the “Like” button.

Your Spring Tune Up includes:

  • Inspect and Clean Outdoor Coil & Cabinet (clean dirt, leaves and debris from inside cabinet)
  • Inspect and Clean Outdoor Fan Motor & Blades; Lubricate as Necessary
  • Inspect Control Box, Controls, and Wiring Connections
  • Inspect Compressor and Associated Tubing for Damage
  • Inspect Compressor Contractor

The System:

  • Monitor for Starting Capabilities
  • Listen for Abnormal Noises
  • Monitor System for Correct Refrigerant Charge
  • Investigate Abnormal Odors or Smells
  • Monitor System for Correct Voltage/AMP Draw
  • Monitor Operating system – Making certain that the system operates as intended by the manufacture
  • Cover correct system operation with owner

Contact Us Today to Schedule your Spring Tune-Up!