Roseville Electric HVAC Rebate

Roseville Electric HVAC Rebate

  • Premium Level HVAC Rebate increased to $850
  •  From March 1, 2015 through June 30, 2015

The latest Roseville Electric HVAC Rebate offers our readers and residential customers in the Roseville area, a great way to save! As we’re approaching the spring and summer months, it’s a good time to think about replacing your old HVAC unit with a more energy efficient one.  Like most of us, you’ll most likely want to replace your system with the most affordable model available.

Roseville Electric’s increased rebate is designed to help close the gap between a minimum efficiency unit and a “Premium Level” 16 SEER / 13 EER unit. You will be required to comply with all existing program requirements and qualifications, which have been established for the “Premium Level” rebate.

Roseville Electric HVAC Rebate Premium Level Requirements:

  • Split System AC or Heat Pump 16 SEER / 13 EER / 9HSPF
  • Package System AC or Heat Pump 16 SEER / 12.5 EER / 8.4 HSPF
  • Programmable Thermostat

Qualifications for the increased rebate offer will be determined by the purchase date identified on your invoice.

Please Remember:

  • “Saver and Elite Level” rebates will remain unchanged.
  • If you’ve already received a rebate for a purchase and installation prior to March 1, 2015 you won’t qualify for this spring special rebate.

Visit the city’s website for more details: Roseville Electric









Your Energy Rebate Savings Are Here

There are 4 different rebates available this year that you may qualify for depending on the efficiency of your new equipment.

Energy Rebate Savings You Could Qualify For:

Up to $1,200 Spring Manufacturer Rebates – depending on efficiency of the equipment

Up to $2,500 PG&E Rebate – depending on if you are a strictly a PG&E customer or not

Up to $650 SMUD Rebate – depending on energy efficiency

Up to $850 City of Roseville Rebate – depending on what efficiency you are having installed

energy rebate savingsIsn’t it nice to know that your effort to conserve energy could qualify you for a rebate?

If you have been considering adding solar, or updating to a high efficiency HVAC system, contact us today and we’ll answer your questions!  916-409-0768

2013 Roseville HVAC Rebate Program

Peck Heating and Air is excited to announce our participation in the City of Roseville’s rebate program. This is the perfect opportunity for local homeowners to update their HVAC systems and save up to $5,200, combined City and Manufacturers’ rebates.

If you’re thinking about replacing your HVAC system this year, this is the program for you! But you must reserve your spot in the program in order to pre-qualify for this rebate. Contact Peck today for more information at (916) 864-3483. Hurry, this rebate begins in June and there is a limited amount of funds to be disbursed!

What would you do with up to $5,200 in rebates? 

2013 Energy Rebates

It’s not every day you find $300 laying around your house. But that may be exactly what’s happening to people all over the US who installed energy efficient HVAC and water heating equipment in 2012.

The “fiscal cliff” fiasco of late 2012 was enough to scare politicians and lawmakers into signing legislature that allows for rebates to continue, and even be retroactive for people who were willing to make an investment in future savings by upgrading their appliances. This is great news for people whose heater and air conditioners were using up valuable energy and costing them an arm and a leg.

Tax Credits are available for qualifying equipment that includes water heaters ($300), furnaces ($150), air conditioning and heat pump systems ($300), and advanced main circulating fans ($50). Additional information, including specific qualifying information on each type of unit, is available at the Energy Star website, where you can also obtain access to claim forms.

If you were savvy enough to make any of these energy efficient improvements last year, head over to the website and claim your reward. You deserve it!

Roseville HVAC Rebate Mania!


We are into April now and we are still able to secure the Roseville Electric Rebate Funds to  replace “old inefficient” systems with new ENERGY EFFICIENT ones for our Roseville customers!!!   This is a WIN WIN for all of us!

Don’t wait to call us for your FREE estimate…….there IS a limit to the amount of funds available!  CALL US TODAY to make an appointment and SECURE YOUR FUNDS!!  (916) 864-3483

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Don’t Miss Out on Roseville Electric Rebate for 2012


Don't Miss out on Roseville RebatesWe are well into March now……..the Roseville Electric Rebate began March 1st and we have installed SEVERAL new systems for both “new” and “longtime” PECK customers. We are thrilled to be able to help our customers get their “FUNDS RESERVATION” and be able to enjoy a new energy saving system that not only helps them with extra comfort and savings, but also helps reduce the load on our energy provider!  No one wants to waste energy these days…

If you think your system needs replacing, now is the time to at least have us come out and consult with you on a new more efficient system and the incredible rebate available to Roseville residents. You must get a “reservation” number to reserve your funds while they last!!!

Take the first step and give us a call now! (916) 864-3483

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Roseville Electric Rebate PAYING OFF!!!


2012 HVAC Rebates for Roseville ResidentsWe have already had many customers take advantage of the new rebate! People who have been putting off doing anything about replacing their old and labored system due to finances are now able to enjoy a new more energy efficient system. This HVAC rebate is incredible, allowing for UP TO $5,000 back to the customer and is available until the funds are depleted……it’s really a no-brainer to act now!

I wish I lived in Roseville and could take advantage of it…….give us a call at (916) 864-3483 and let us come out to go over the program with you and “reserve” your funds for the HVAC rebate.

Click here to learn more about the New HVAC Rebates for Roseville Residents!

New HVAC Rebates for Roseville Residents


Great news! HVAC rebates for Roseville residents! Up to $5,000 per system.

HVAC rebates for Roseville, caRoseville Electric is offering fantastic rebates beginning March 1st to Roseville residents. The rebates will only be offered until the money runs out, so if you have been thinking about replacing your old, tired system, now would be the time!

The purpose of the program is to replace older, less energy efficient equipment with equipment that maximizes the available energy efficiency which will result in increased energy savings per unit and reduced peak demand.

Rebates are based on the age of home, the square footage and the type of equipment that is being replaced.

The process is easy.

  1. Give us a call for a free estimate. (916) 864-3483
  2. The next step is system verification. This means pre-testing and balancing, and is required for every system.
  3. Then we proceed with submitting to Roseville Electric for rebate approval.
  4. Once we receive approval and your reservation number then we proceed with the project.
  5. Once project is complete we submit for a final inspection and then we submit all paperwork for rebate.

Easy peasy! We take care of all the paperwork for you!  Give us a call now to get started! (916) 864-3483