Your Home’s Fall Checklist

Fall is the perfect time to take care of the little things that can make a big difference for you and your home. Most of the tasks listed
below are well with-in the average person’s ability. But even if you choose to have a professional handle them, it’s worth the expense. You’ll save money — and maybe even your life.

Here’s the checklist at a glance. See the following pages for more detailed guidance.

  • Get your mind in the gutters. Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts.
  • Button up your overcoat. Seal gaps and cracks around windows and doors with weather-stripping and caulk.
  • Get on top of roof problems. Inspect your roof for damaged or curled shingles, corroded flashing, or leaky vents.
  • Walks the walks (and drives). Take steps to repair damaged sidewalks, driveways, and steps.
  • Chill out. Drain and winterize outdoor faucets and irrigation systems.
  • Freshen your filter. Clean or replace dirty furnace filters.
  • Give your furnace a physical. Have a professional inspect your heating system.
  • Gather round the hearth. Check fireplaces for soot or creosote build-up. Better yet, schedule a visit from a reputable chimney sweep.
  • Keep the humidifier humming. Clean the plates or pads to ensure efficient operation.
  • Head-off gas problems. If you have a gas-fired room heater, have it inspected by a pro. Also, perform any routine maintenance recommended by the maker.
  • Keep the wood fires burning brightly. Wood stoves are making a comeback. To avoid a deadly situation, be sure to inspect yours before firing it up.
  • Keep your family safe at home. A home safety check should be an annual ritual in every household. Test smoke and CO monitors, inspect (or install) fire extinguishers, review fire escape plans, and rid your home of old newspapers and other fire hazards.


Content Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Stay Cool This Summer

First and foremost, when the temperatures start to rise, you MUST get your A/C serviced to make sure it is running at peak efficiency! This is also a great preventative measure to help prevent major repairs!

Summer months often cause the highest energy costs throughout the year with the high demand for running your air conditioning system. It’s a no brainer that keeping your home at a comfortable temperature can be very expensive, especially in the middle of the summer in California. Here are a few tips on how to stay cool this summer without running up your power bill. 


Keep Your Blinds Closed – Believe it or not, windows actually account for a lot of the heat you experience during the summer months. Keeping your blinds or curtains closed will help keep it much cooler.

Install Window Film – On top of keeping your blinds and curtains closed, installing heat control window film will make a huge difference when it comes to your house heating up during the summer. It can be costly, but the savings you will see year after year will easily make up for the initial investment.

Run Your Ceiling Fans – Running portable fans and ceiling fans can often be underrated throughout the summer months. It is actually a very effective way to stay comfortable in your home during the summer time.

Open Windows at Specific Hours – You can strategically open your windows during the summer by only opening them during specific cooler hours. For example, opening your windows in the evening when it is comfortable outside and then closing them very early in the morning will help seal some of that cool fresh air inside.

Pay Attention to Internal Heat – Many appliances can heat up your home very easily. For example, using your oven rather than a toaster oven or microwave can cause unnecessary heat, especially when it is already very warm inside. Believe it or not, keeping appliances you are not using plugged in can also cause heat to radiate from the outlets in to your home.

Replace Your Air Filters – Replacing your air filter or filters every month will keep the air flowing nicely throughout your house. This is very important when it comes to how hard your air conditioning system works to keep your house cooled.

Regular A/C Service – And of course, have your air conditioning system serviced every year to make sure it is running at peak efficiency.

In conclusion, we often forget how simple it is to save money on cooling costs during the summer, but with these simple tips you can hopefully remember to stay cool this summer!

For air conditioning service or repair, please call us here at Peck Heating & Air Conditioning. You can reach us at (916) 409-0768

Now offering APCO system by Fresh-Aire UV

APCO Whole-House Air Purifier

Introducing Advanced Photocatalytic OxidationAPCO in Furnace

The award-winning APCO system (Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation) represents an entirely new type of air purifier. APCO is installed in the ductwork of the central air system

where it scrubs the air as is passes by. APCO’s unique combination of UV-C light and activated carbon achieves  unmatched germ and odor reduction without producing any harmful ozone. APCO is particularly effective at reducing odor-causing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which include toxic chemical vapors like formaldehyde and toluene.

APCO is a winner of the prestigious AHR Innovation Award, the highest honor in the HVAC industry! There are several APCO models, designed to fit all types of air systems, which all use the the same award-winning technology. Peck Heating & Air will help you select the right one for your home or business.

What exactly does APCO do?

Let’s face it, no one wants visiting friends or family to smell the cat box or last night’s garlic sauce. You could use a spray or a candle but those things just perfume the air. APCO actually removes odors by transforming odor-causing VOC molecules into harmless water vapor and CO2. So keep the cat, and fry that fish!

The UV-C light in APCO works just as well at keeping AC coils clean as our non-PCO products. Moldy coils shorten the life of the air system and waste energy by reducing efficiency. UV-C light kills the mold and reduces the need for system maintenance.

According to the EPA indoor air pollution is often five times worse than outdoor and represents a significant health risk. An APCO whole-house air purifier improves indoor air quality by destroying odor-causing and potentially toxic VOCs, while sterilizing mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens from the air stream.


HVAC Energy Saving Tips

Here are some HVAC Energy Saving Tips from PG&E. For even more tips, check out this Energy Saving Tips page on their website.Energy Saving Lightbulb

  • Turn off equipment when not in use
  • Set thermostats at 78 degrees Fahrenheit for cooling in the summer and 68 degrees Fahrenheit for heating in the winter.
  • Close curtains, shades and blinds at night, during unoccupied periods of the day and on weekends to maintain comfortable room temperatures and lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Regularly clean and perform maintenance on AC and HVAC unites, cleaning condenser coils, replacing air filters and checking ducts and pipe insulation for damage.
  • Install motion detectors to control lighting in frequently unoccupied areas, such as restrooms.
  • Add weather stripping, caulking or foam around windows and doors to reduce drafts.
  • Adjust foor latches, replace worn door gaskets, install auto-closers and add strip curtains to walk-in refrigerator and freezor doors.
  • When purchasing desktop computers, monitors, printers fax machines and copiers, consider ENERGY STAR models that hibernate after periods of inactivity.

Here’s a chart showing peak times during summer and winter times.

HVAC Tips from PG&EAt Peck Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve been serving the Greater Sacramento area since 1977 and look forward to helping you with your air conditioning and heating needs.  We’re pleased to serve both residential and commercial customers; each of our experts is prepared to help you with sales, service and installation of the comfort system that is ideal for your home or business.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Heating and Air Contractor

Picking the right contractor is very important when looking for a new air conditioning or heating system in the greater Sacramento area.  Below, you will find a few questions to ask yourself before choosing which contractor to hire.

      1. How long has the heating and air Oleg, Peck HVAC technicianconditioning contractor been serving the Greater Sacramento area?
      2. Does the AC and Heating contractor offer name brand products like Rheem, American Standard or Mitsubishi?
      3. Did the Sacramento area AC technician actually do any diagnostic testing on your system before providing you with a quote?
      4. Did you research the local Sacramento AC company you are getting a quote from?  Look them up on Yelp, Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau to find out more about their reputation.
      5. Are you rushing the decision because you are being pressured by the AC technician or AC sales representative that came to your house?
      6. Are you considering a Sacramento area AC Company based on a low cost air conditioning quote you received?
      7. Is the initial cost deterring you from going with the proper heating and cooling system for your Sacramento area home?  If needed, does the HVAC contractor offer good financing programs?

At Peck Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve been serving the Greater Sacramento area since 1977 and look forward to helping you with your air conditioning and heating needs.  We’re pleased to serve both residential and commercial customers; each of our experts is prepared to help you with sales, service and installation of the comfort system that is ideal for your home or business.

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Summer Safety Tips For Pets

Summer Safety Tips for Pets!

Great Summer safety tips for pets here…to keep your furry friends comfy during the dog days of summer. Please remember, that the hot weather is just as hard on our pets, as it is on us!

 Tips for Your Pets…

  1. Exercise: Take your pet for early morning, or late evening walks. The pavement can be awfully hard on their paws, it gets hot in the summer! And, provide them with a drink before and after their walk.
  2. Recreation: If you’re thinking of taking your pooch to the park, beach, or on a hike in the heat, you may want to think twice! Lack of water and shade can cause you and your pet to quickly dehydrate. If you do go, take plenty of water! Let them swim…kiddie pools are great for outdoor baths and fun!
Summer safety tips for pets. Dog playing on Sanibel Island , Florida

Dog having fun on the beach! (photo credit;

  1. Pets in Cars: DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT leave your pet in a locked car! According to; “Even when the outside air temperature is in the 60s, temperatures inside some vehicles can reach the danger zone on bright, sunny days. So many experts recommend not to leave pets or children in parked cars even for short periods if the temperature is in the 60s or higher.” And, if you’re see a pet or a child in a locked car, don’t hesitate to call authorities! Download this great flyer from the Humane Society, for tips on how to help your pet if it is exposed to high temperatures.
  2. Visit the Vet: Have your animal checked regularly for ticks, fleas, and heartworms. Also, check with the Doc to find out if you can give your pet a summer trim.
  3. Keep your home A/C system running! Just like us, pets love a cool place to eat, sleep, and play! If you haven’t had your system checked lately, you may need a tune-up, or even a new HVAC.  Just give us a call, and one of our trained experts will be glad to assist you!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our summer safety tips for pets…have fun with your furry friends and stay safe!

Summer Safety Tips for Pets. Image of the Peck Pooches

The Peck Pooches, cool and comfy napping at the office! (photo credit; Peck Heating & Air Conditioning)

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Thank You…

From all of us at Peck Heating & Air Conditioning, including our Pooches!


HVAC Customer Assurance Plan

Our HVAC Customer Assurance Plan (C.A.P.) can help decrease your utility bill, extend the life of your system, and improve the air quality of your home. With summer right around the corner, now’s the time to plan and prepare!. Keep your home comfy and cool during the hot days of summer, with a great maintenance plan from Peck Heating & Air Conditioning!

 Peck’s HVAC Customer Assurance Plan (C.A.P.) Offers:

  • Inspect compressor connector
  • Check for abnormal odors and noises
  • Remove dirt, leaves, and debris from inside cabinet
  • Inspect outdoor fan motor and blades; lubricate as necessary
  • Inspect control box, controls, and wiring connections
  • Inspect compressor and associated tubing for damage
  • Monitor for starting capabilities, check for correct voltage/amp draw
  • A thorough Fall inspection of your Furnace
  • Discounts off necessary repairs and/or new equipment
  • And More!

Don’t get caught off guard, keep your family comfortable all year-round! Schedule a Spring inspection now (check out our Specials page for current offers), or to find out how our C.A.P. Maintenance Package can give you peace of mind…

Call Today 916-409-0768! 

Peck HVAC Customer Assurance Plan

Peck Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan



Roseville Electric HVAC Rebate

Roseville Electric HVAC Rebate

  • Premium Level HVAC Rebate increased to $850
  •  From March 1, 2015 through June 30, 2015

The latest Roseville Electric HVAC Rebate offers our readers and residential customers in the Roseville area, a great way to save! As we’re approaching the spring and summer months, it’s a good time to think about replacing your old HVAC unit with a more energy efficient one.  Like most of us, you’ll most likely want to replace your system with the most affordable model available.

Roseville Electric’s increased rebate is designed to help close the gap between a minimum efficiency unit and a “Premium Level” 16 SEER / 13 EER unit. You will be required to comply with all existing program requirements and qualifications, which have been established for the “Premium Level” rebate.

Roseville Electric HVAC Rebate Premium Level Requirements:

  • Split System AC or Heat Pump 16 SEER / 13 EER / 9HSPF
  • Package System AC or Heat Pump 16 SEER / 12.5 EER / 8.4 HSPF
  • Programmable Thermostat

Qualifications for the increased rebate offer will be determined by the purchase date identified on your invoice.

Please Remember:

  • “Saver and Elite Level” rebates will remain unchanged.
  • If you’ve already received a rebate for a purchase and installation prior to March 1, 2015 you won’t qualify for this spring special rebate.

Visit the city’s website for more details: Roseville Electric









HVAC Maintenance…

Our HVAC Maintenance Plan…

hvac maintenance, peck heating & air conditioning

Peck Heating & Air Conditioning can help keep your system running smoothly!

Ben Franklin had it right when he said ” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”! To keep your home or business warm in the winter and cool in the summer, there’s no better way than to have your system maintained by a reputable company like Peck Heating and Air Conditioning.

Chances are, that you are paying too much in utilities!

Did you know?

  • Your air conditioning and heating costs are 40%-70% of your monthly utility bill.
  • Dirty coils, filters and equipment are responsible for over 50% of most breakdowns!
  • Only 1/16th inch of dirt on a coil can raise your utility bill 20%!
  • Dirty equipment = dirty air that you are breathing!

Our Customer Assurance Plan

Outdoors, We Will:

  • Clean dirt, leaves and debris from inside cabinet
  • Inspect coil and cabinet, clean as necessary
  • Inspect fan motor and blades; lubricate as necessary
  • Inspect control box, controls, and wiring connectors
  • Inspect compressor and associated tubing for damage
  • Inspect compressor connector

Indoors, We Will:

  • Inspect blower assembly, fan belt and motor, lubricate and clean as necessary
  • Inspect evaporator coil, drain pan and condensate lines, clean as necessary
  • Inspect for gas leaks
  • Inspect burner assembly, clean & adjust as necessary
  • Inspect ignition & safety control-clean and adjust as required
  • Inspect ignition & safety controls – clean & adjust as necessary
  • Inspect heat exchanger & heating elements
  • Inspect flue systems- (carbon monoxide kills)
  • Inspect control box, controls, wiring and connections
  • Inspect air flow – check for leaks at unit
  • Clean washable type filters

With Your HVAC Maintenance Plan, We Will:

  • Monitor for starting capabilities
  • Listen for abnormal noises
  • Monitor HVAC system for correct refrigerant charge
  • Investigate abnormal odors or smells
  • Monitor your HVAC system for correct voltage/amp draw
  • Monitor operating system – making certain that system operates as intended by the manufacturer
  • Cover correct system operation with owner

Sign up for your HVAC maintenance plan today and start saving on your utility bills! Let PECK help you save money by cleaning and maintaining your equipment! We’re proud to say that our family business has been here for over 30 years!

Saving energy in 2015

Saving energy in 2015 probably hasn’t crossed your mind for a New Year’s resolution, but  ways to save money may have. What better way to save money than by saving energy, plus you’ll be helping the environment too!

Happy New Year 2015, Mulit-Color with Trees

Simple Tips for Saving:

1) Get a Heating & Air conditioning system tune-up with a reputable company like Peck Heating & Air Conditioning. This can reduce your cost by 5% per year.

2) Replace your heating and air filters monthly. This will help your unit run more efficiently, keep the air in your home clean, and save you money! Mark it on your calendar to help you remember.

3) Take a look at the energy efficiency of your appliances and equipment. Replace older ones with ENERGY STAR rated products. They are much more efficient and can save you money. Assess the efficiency of your home by visiting

4) Switch to lighting that is energy efficient. Switch to CFL or LED Light Bulbs which can be 75% to 85% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. They also last longer.

5) Unplug electronics when not in use! Keeping computers, chargers, and small appliances plugged in can really run up your bill!

6) Laundry Savings; Wash your clothes in cold water, and keep your dryer vent and lint filter clean. Not only will it save you money, but will also keep your dryer from being a fire hazard. And to cut down on the use of your dryer, air dry if possible!

7) Turn It Down; Reduce your hot water usage by turning down your hot water heater to 120ºF. Also, turn down your thermostat…and if you can’t remember to turn it down, install a programmable thermostat. Great way for saving energy in 2015!

8) Conserve Water; Instead of baths, take quick showers. And, install aerated faucets and low-flow shower heads. Also, if you have a dishwasher, only run when it’s full.

9) Check for Leaks; According to the U.S. Department of Energy, small leaks can affect your home efficiency by 5% to 30% every year. Pay attention to where different building materials meet… around the edges of windows, corners, around your chimney and even where pipes and wires lead outside. Here’s a simple test; Turn off any air moving appliances (fans etc), light a stick of incense and move it along walls, near windows and doors; wherever you see the smoke from the incense waver, you have air getting in and heating and cooling leaking out.

10) Turn out the lights! Remind everyone in the family to do so when leaving a room!

Your New Year’s resolution of saving energy in 2015 can done just by following these simple tips!

From All of Us at Peck Heating & Air Conditioning…

We Wish You All a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!