Dear Peck Heating and Air,

As you may recall, your company installed a new furnace and AC system in my home last fall. This was a replacement for a 40+ year old unit. I haven’t yet used the AC unit, but the furnace is performing flawlessly. My gas consumption for the month of Dec. was about 40% less than the same period the year before, and my Jan. usage was slightly less than 50% of that last year. Other than variations in the weather and the change in the furnace, all other conditions in the house and my usage patterns remain the same. It certainly seems that the increased efficiency of the furnace must be the primary factor in making such a significant difference. If the AC unit performs at a comparable level, my energy savings for the year will be very sizable.

Thanks again for the excellent service that Peck has provided me.

Sincerely yours

Bob Lasley

Project Portfolio


In an early 1940’s converted church located in Roseville, Ca, Peck Heating & Air was contracted to solve the comfort issues commonly found in an older building. The original equipment installed in this building was coal-fired, then later upgraded to gas-fired. Again the equipment was upgraded; but to a very inefficient twenty-five year old heat pump.

Job Specifications:

It was decided that the building should be divided into three general areas of usage to meet all the comfort needs. A High efficiency Gas Split System including an art light duct system was installed in all three areas. Three 90+% gas furnaces were also installed in the church basement with matched high efficiency outdoor condensing units. The units used high efficiency air filters that insured clean indoor air. Controlling the 14 tons of cooling was three individual seven-day programmable thermostats.


The building’s office area inproved immediately, offering an even temperature throughout the area. The indoor air was fresh and clean, allowing employees a more comfortable work evnironment. Since the conditioner was controlled by area of usage, the owner saw a 55% reduction in the utility costs.