First and foremost, when the temperatures start to rise, you MUST get your A/C serviced to make sure it is running at peak efficiency! This is also a great preventative measure to help prevent major repairs!

Summer months often cause the highest energy costs throughout the year with the high demand for running your air conditioning system. It’s a no brainer that keeping your home at a comfortable temperature can be very expensive, especially in the middle of the summer in California. Here are a few tips on how to stay cool this summer without running up your power bill. 


Keep Your Blinds Closed – Believe it or not, windows actually account for a lot of the heat you experience during the summer months. Keeping your blinds or curtains closed will help keep it much cooler.

Install Window Film – On top of keeping your blinds and curtains closed, installing heat control window film will make a huge difference when it comes to your house heating up during the summer. It can be costly, but the savings you will see year after year will easily make up for the initial investment.

Run Your Ceiling Fans – Running portable fans and ceiling fans can often be underrated throughout the summer months. It is actually a very effective way to stay comfortable in your home during the summer time.

Open Windows at Specific Hours – You can strategically open your windows during the summer by only opening them during specific cooler hours. For example, opening your windows in the evening when it is comfortable outside and then closing them very early in the morning will help seal some of that cool fresh air inside.

Pay Attention to Internal Heat – Many appliances can heat up your home very easily. For example, using your oven rather than a toaster oven or microwave can cause unnecessary heat, especially when it is already very warm inside. Believe it or not, keeping appliances you are not using plugged in can also cause heat to radiate from the outlets in to your home.

Replace Your Air Filters – Replacing your air filter or filters every month will keep the air flowing nicely throughout your house. This is very important when it comes to how hard your air conditioning system works to keep your house cooled.

Regular A/C Service – And of course, have your air conditioning system serviced every year to make sure it is running at peak efficiency.

In conclusion, we often forget how simple it is to save money on cooling costs during the summer, but with these simple tips you can hopefully remember to stay cool this summer!

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