Reliable Heater Repair in Roseville CA

There is no doubt that the homes and businesses in Roseville, California require complex modern heating installations which demand a quality installer to do the job right. Modern more efficient heat systems need to be installed by professionals who have sufficient experience and training.

There are several contractors who claim to specialize in installation of modern heaters, but not all of them are professionals or have enough experience. Therefore, it becomes quite important for homeowners to find a reliable and quality installation service in their area. Here are a few useful recommendations for finding a professional and qualified installer in your area.

Characteristics of a Professional Heating Installer

Track record: Do not be too quick to trust an installer that just popped up overnight. Make sure to hire a company which has a license to operate as well as insurance. It takes many years of experience before the company’s valued employees can consider themselves experts at the job. Field experience counts and it will be good to know that the company has the trust of the community as well.

Look for guarantees: Contractors who are confident with the work that they do will surely offer guarantees. They are confident the job is done right and know the customers will be satisfied. Thus, they back it up with guarantee.

Certified technicians: North American Technical Excellence certification (NATE-certification) is the one and only industry-wide certification granted to HVAC technicians. Confirm that the installers you are hiring have this certification and can safely handle the details of the job.

Service awards from the industry: Service awards are presented by the HVAC industry every year to their most reliable and reputable members. It is better to find a company which has been recognized by the industry.

Customer referrals: Customer referrals are useful references as well. A business that thrives on positive feedback must be doing things right. You can ask friends and relatives about companies they have hired in the past. Did they encounter bigger problems in the process? Were they satisfied with the work?

Reliable Installation from Peck Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

Since 1977, Peck Heating and Air has provided reliable services to homes and businesses in the greater Sacramento area, including, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Loomis, Granite Bay, and more. We present these guidelines to you because we boast of our capacity to fulfill all of them to your satisfaction. We employ technicians with NATE certification and we have won many awards. We have also been fortunate enough to receive many customer referrals from clients who have found our services worth their investment. Peck Heating and Air guarantees to get the job done right.

We believe we are the best choice for professional heating installation in Roseville, and once you go through the list, we hope that you agree and give us a call for a FREE estimate!

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