OK PEOPLE!!! 5 MORE DAYS UNTIL OUR CONTEST ENDS FOR THAT FANTABULOUS MOTHER’S DAY GIVEAWAY!    Go ahead and take 20 seconds to enter the contest. Imagine the look on Mom’s face when you take her to brunch at La Provence!  You will be #1 on her list! Click here to enter.

Who knows what the weather will be like on Mother’s Day weekend – it’s been pretty wacky lately!  One day it’s hailing, then hot then cold then warm again!  Geez!  It’s probably better to be “safe” than sorry when it comes to being prepared for the heat.  This last weekend lots of people turned on the A/C only to find out that something was not quite right! Either it didn’t blow cold air or it didn’t blow any air at all!   Yikes!!!

When you enter the contest go ahead and schedule an appointment to have your A/C checked and have a stress free transition to warmer temperatures!  You’ll thank yourself later!

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