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If you own a home in the greater Sacramento-Roseville-Rocklin-Lincoln-Auburn areas, you can ENTER TO WIN this year’s Consumer Reports top-rated front load washer and dryer duet from Peck Heating & Air.

What’s Included:

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Must Enter Before March 25th

Complete each of the following items…

  1. Be or become connected with Peck Heating & Air on Facebook by clicking the “Like” button on our Facebook page.
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  3. Share a memorable experience you’ve had doing laundry below in the comments section of this blog post.

Contest Details

  • Contest begins Tuesday, March 1st, 2011
  • Must enter to win before 12pm Pacific on Friday, March 25th, 2011
  • Peck Heating & Air will select 3 finalists based on their entry and will announce each of them Monday, March 28th on this website
  • Each finalist will be featured on this site with their own unique blog post. The post will include who they are, their memorable experience doing laundry and why they want to win.
  • Finalists will receive votes from in the form of Facebook “Likes” on their individual blog post.
  • Contest and voting ends on Friday, April 1st 2011 at 12pm PST.
  • The winner becomes the person with the most Facebook “Likes” on their blog post when the contest ends. They will be formally announced on the site the afternoon of April 1st.
  • Only one (1) winner will be selected.

Why We Are Doing This

Peck Heating & Air is serious about helping more homeowners in our community and we want to do something “big” to prove it.

We know how important saving money, energy and time is to local families and so we have decided to give someone a Consumer Reports top-rated front-load washer and dryer that will help do all three!

The contest is designed to help Peck Heating & Air connect with more people online. By doing so, your family will benefit by being the first to know about the latest local energy rebates, special offers, and our tips for saving money and energy around the house.

Disclaimer: Peck Heating & Air reserves the right to select the three finalists based on the entries and stories provided by entrants.

39 thoughts on “Enter to WIN a Front Load Washer and Dryer From Peck Heating and Air!

  1. My name is Jessica, I want to win, because I don’t own a washer or dryer. But no worries, I do not have to go to the American River to do my laundry. I live in a wonderful apartment complex and have a washer (crappy one) and a dryer. I moved here from Germany, and I am so spoiled by their great washers (they even heat the water up to boiling temperature), that I can say the only thing I miss, is my German Washer. The one to win, is similar to the German ones. Plus the front loader would be great for me, due to the fact that I have a muscle weakness in my arms, and sometimes its hard for me to get the wet laundry out of the top loader we have in the apartment. Please help me to win!
    You wonder why I moved here? My husband was stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base, and I guess he decided having a German Wife is something good!
    Thank you for taking the time to read this!

  2. My most memorable laundry experience was the day my husband wanted to surprise me by doing laundry. I had just bought those color catcher sheets that you use to catch color transfer in the wash. So my dear husband thinking he could be smart and save time, mixed the laundry together and made sure to grab a sheet. Unfortunately he grabbed a dryer sheet instead of the color catcher sheet. Long story short I came home to a frazzled husband and pink splotched clothes. Bless his heart, I demoted him from wash boy to clean laundry folder.

  3. I am disabled and have an old washer and a dryer. The dryer does not work without tripping the breaker switch. I live in a rented house and have difficulty communicati with my landlady by phone as she is Asian and does not understand English very well, especially over the phone. I really could use a good washer and dryer.

  4. I’m not sure my entry went through, so I am trying again. I live in a duplex and have a washer that works, but the dryer keeps turning off the breaker switch and it’s hard to talk on the phone with the landlady/owner as she is Asian and her English is not very good. In person it is easier to be understood, but she doesn’t come by very often. My disability makes it hard to take the wet clothes to a laundromat to dry them, so I really could use a working dryer. Anew washer would also be useful as mine is old and may need to be replaced soon also.

  5. Hi. I…(my wife) has always wanted a new washer and dryer. We do have a washer and dryer but it is remanufactured and with 3 kids it takes on a lot of load of laundry. If we were able to win these awesome machines, my wife (me) would be willing to pick it up because we live in Colfax. Thanks and have a good one.

  6. My best memories of doing laundry was teaching my kids how to do laundry. From when they were very little helping me fold to as they got older helping me put the clothes in the dryer and pushing the buttons then on to learning how to separate. It was just a great sharing experience. Now I just do it by myself.

  7. Hello,
    When we moved from Arizona to California for my husband’s schooling, our son was two years old. While my husband was completing his college degree, I worked as a nurse to support our family. My house-husband and son took on the chore of doing the laundry every week and they became quiet proficient at it. On one of my days off, I decide to do the laundry under the watchful eye of our then five year old son. He quietly watched as I separated clothes into stacks of like colors and fabrics. By the time, I was ready to start the first load, he could no longer contain himself and shouted, “That’s not the way Dad does it! We should wait until he comes home to do the laundry!” To this young child who had been his Papa’s helper, grew up believing that doing the laundry was a man’s job! Yay!

    That young man is now 23 years old and we are still doing laundry in the same Sears Kenmore Washer/Dryer combo! But it would be wonderful to have a brand new duo now that we are empty-nesters plus it would be a great Father’s Day gift for my husand who still does our laundry! Yay again!


  8. My favorite washer story was when I was 3 I thought it would be funny to put the cat in the washer. Of course I wasn’t old enough to turn on the washer, but the cat fell asleep in the washer and my mom then threw a rug in the washer and started to wash it. Of course it didn’t take long for the cat to make itself known, and was rescued mostly unharmed, although very angry. It was never the same after that.

  9. My washer and dryer mean more to me than most, I believe. In a weird sort of way, I think of them as an integral part of our family, certainly in the “necessary appliances” category. Why? Well, they are good for so much more than just washing and drying clothes! I know good moms should never say we have a favorite, I
    but I will tell you, the DRYER is my favorite.

    Our washer and dryer sit in what we call the laundry room, but it’s actually the pass-through from the back door to the rest of the house. That means, the top of the dryer is a repository for everything from the mail, to the excess junk we clean out of our cars, to grocery bags and the dog leash. If anyone should ever ask where they left something, my first reply is always, “Have you checked the dryer?” Never the washer. It’s a top loader – very inconvenient for a family of “dump and runners”.

    Years ago, when my infant son had trouble falling asleep, I would snuggle him up in his little recliner seat and place him on top of the dryer as it tumbled the clothes. The vibration and warmth did the trick! (Oh, I stood right next to him…really I did!)

    Smart homeowners use the laundry room as an extension of the kitchen. Over the years, I’ve placed my bread dough on top of the running dryer. Helps the yeast rise faster! My sister actually tried defrosting a turkey on the shoe rack once. In retrospect, probably not a great idea.

    I will NEVER forget the day my son decided to “fluff” his down pillow in the dryer. Becoming engrossed in a television show, he completely forgot about his pillow. Somewhere during the tumbling, the pillow seam apparently ripped. When I opened the dryer door later than night, millions of white feathers whooshed past me into the air, filling the laundry room and covering me as well as the floor. My first horrific thought was that our dear, sweet, mischievous boys had put our chicken in the dryer! It was a teachable moment as a parent.

    I love telling about my single most favorite washer experience, because it has saved me from being the only one to do laundry in my house full of guys. I found that washing anything relatively new and red, along with my husband and son’s white Fruit of the Loom briefs and t-shirts, ensured that they would come out pink. Guess who does their own laundry now.

    I do love my washer and dryer. I just love my dryer more.

    Sue Peppers, Queen of the Laundry Room

    Note: Why do I want to win a front-loading washer and dryer? I would like to win it for my younger son. He lives on his own, is an amazing athlete, and a dispatcher for the US Forest Service – and he uses a wheelchair for day to day life. He was born with spina bifida, so his llower legs are paralized. Doing laundry is always a challenge from a chair, but especially with a top loader washer. He has also never had a new set, nor a matching set. He’s been happy to take the ones others get rid of when they buy new appliances. As a new homeowner, he just doesn’t have the extra money to buy a new washer and dryer. This would be so cool to win for him!

  10. Always memorable to have 3 kids and the dryer go out. That is a lot of wet laundry to haul to dry at the laundromat.

  11. It would be wonderful to win a washer and dryer. We have a tie dye business and we do alot of laundry. We have a old noisy washer and our dryer just quit.

  12. We would love to have a new washer and dryer because we have 2-yr-old twins that create tons of laundry :) My most memorable laundry story is as a child I decided to give my cat Sammie a bath, so of course I put him in the washer. I couldn’t reach the buttons lucky for Sammie. He was such a good cat he just meowed for help until my mom came to set him free.

  13. Ahhh laundry. My life would not be complete without having to wash, dry, and sort laundry. I think after 20 years of marriage I have it down to a science. Of course, in the beginning, as a young, “green” wife, I’ll admit I made a few mistakes. But Mama was a good teacher.. whites with whites, darks with darks, lights and colors to be washed with whatever they matched closest to. To this day, I can always tell when someone does the “all-inclusive” laundry method, as their t-shirts and socks are that very unappealing shade of dingy grey. But I digress. I think the only major mishap I had was not THOROUGHLY checking pockets (and for the record, why is that MY job?? Should the wearer of said pockets not share in THAT responsibility??) and an ink pen went through with a load of whites/lights. My mother-in-law, the Queen of every gadget and product known to man, delivered some Didi 7, which didn’t do anything except almost put me 6 feet under from the nasty fumes!
    Today, I can do laundry in my sleep. Being the mom of two teenage girls, I know exactly which things should only be washed for a few minutes, or hand-washed ( again, why is that MY job??) , air-dried, dried flat, dried for a few minutes on low before hanging from the shower rod to finish drying.. You get the picture. I was sick last weekend, and from my sick bed, told my husband to start the laundry. I then managed a weak chuckle as I envisioned him washing his jeans with delicate items of the girls. I told him,” Never mind, it’s just easier if I do it. ” But he insisted and I had to tell the litte devil Control Freak on my shoulder that it would be OK. For the most part, he did fine. But when I asked if our daughter’s PE clothes got washed, he looked at me puzzled and said, ” I don’t know what they look like.” Um, the grey t-shirt that says RHS P.E. is usually your first clue, along with the customary black mesh shorts. I got up to check it out and sure enough, the t-shirt was laying in the unwashed pile, in plain view, to which he exclaimed “where was that that I didn’t see it?” Being the smart woman that I am, I didn’t answer. But I did notice he had a pile ready to go for the next load… RED pajama pants, with my daughter’s pale green sweatshirt, and assorted other light colored items.
    I could go on and on about the comments that were made by both of us, but I’ll just leave it up to your imagination.
    Oh, did I mention that I have NEVER had a new washer/dryer. The used sets have done the job ok… my current set was about 5 years old when we acquired it and we have had it for about 10 years? The clothes come out twisted into horrific shapes and it currently takes about 2 days for the the dryer to dry a load! I would be MOST GRATEFUL to Peck for a beautiful new set that is also good for the environment! Thanks for putting on a great contest!! And good luck to EVERYONE!!! 😉

  14. I sure could use a new washer and dryer!~ I have 4 kids under the age of 12 and I do laundry morning and night to try to keep up. A front loader would really allow me to do less laundry and spend time with the kids getting dirty! I don’t know that I have a very funny or memorable washing experience, but I can tell you I have found all sorts of things in the washer and dryer: money, rocks, jewelry, hair clips, pine cones, leaves, chapstick (UGH), pens, pencils, erasers, tissue (another ugh), bark, shells, toy cars, all sorts of toy animals, candy, candy wrappers, silly bands, zoo manias and marbles. I keep the money as my ‘tip’ :).
    I do have a memory that I try to forget over the past few years of replacing my last dryer and crying for two hours when I still could not figure out how to connect the aluminum pipe hose thingie to the wall…I ended up driving to the hardware store where the gentleman told me how to do it right (and it then only took me 5 minutes). Thanks to all.

  15. Hmmmm. . . the most memorable laundry experience. . .you know its so hard to pick just one as laundry is sooooo much fun! Well, I must say, I can remember this one time right after my husband and I first moved into our home back in 2001. We were only married a year and we were almost unpacked. I decided to do some laundry for the first time out in our garage. It was a warm evening in May, so I just ran out in the garage real quick barefoot, just to throw in a load in between unpacking and getting settled in. I opened up the washer and commenced the tossing in of dirty clothes, when I heard a strange sound. I then thought I was hearing things. Then, I heard it again. I ignored it again. The third time I realized it was a sound coming from the dryer. I opened the dryer to find my big fat cat in there. Needless to say I jumped a foot and even screamed a little when he jumped out! Then I laughed so hard and tried to figure out how he got in there. He’s my funny, fat cat named Scooter. Well, I must say, I never saw him in the dryer (or washer) ever again, nor has our other cat ever attempted to get in the washer. Perhaps Scooter warned Felix ahead of time about those machines being off limits. . . Who knows?!?!

  16. Laundry memories….
    My mom taught me to do laundry at an early age… I thought I was ‘big stuff’ and tried doing it after school, to surprise her before she came home from work. She asked me which soap I used, and I said ‘Soap’?! She really didn’t look too pleased. Doing laundry with Grandma was great. She would take the basket outside and hang the clothes and sheets up on the line, and we would love to help, the gentle breeze making the sheets flow like waves of water in the air. Everything smelled so good if it hung outside to dry, not like the musty smell from the college dorm Laundromat, or the old set everyone seems to have had from time to time. I’ve done a lot of laundry since then, from hauling loads to the Laundromat in wheelie-baskets and duffle bags to having a set in the house now, I bought it (about a 25 year old set) for $100 from the previous owner. Now I’m teaching my daughter how to do the laundry. We sort the colors and weights of the clothes, and make sure that the soap gets into each load (!!!), catch the scent of the softener as the damp clothes go into the dryer. Enjoying that warm feeling when you take them out of the dryer to fold them knowing that they smell so good and look fresh. We get a smile on our faces when we see that commercial on television that has the lady doing laundry as if it were magic, the music in the background goes along with the clothes that seem to float in the air and effortlessly go from washer to dryer along with the tune, because she has a new washer dryer that does it all!! We can at least hum the tune while we do our own laundry, right?!!

  17. Oh where to begin, when I was 20 I was able to but my first washer and dryer set from my tax return was so excited. When I was 29 I had my little girl and wow did that take a toll on the set, and including 4 major moves, they past on in 09 about 6 months apart. And since then I have gone thru 2 washer and 3 dryers that were hand me downs or were free from moving neighbors. Plus 2 BIG indoor dogs I can only do one of there comforters at a time. So I guess I’m hopeing to find a silver lining in my washing/drying grey cloud. I would be so blessed to have a new washer and dryer.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  18. Oh a new washer and dryer would be amazing. As I sit here waiting yet again for the repairman, stalking my friends on facebook I came across the entry form. Is it meant to be? There are lots of good laundry stories…so all I can say is one more trip to the laundry mat to do laundry for a family of 5 is not how I’d like to spend my time. My favorite laundry story is the day we couldn’t find the cat, only to discover her all curled up in the dryer!! Thank goodness we didnt turn it on.

  19. Hi! My husband and I are both disabled. Bending over with our conventional dryer is very difficult. My husband has been disabled since 1992 and continues to worsen. We have both have had failed surgeries, his was his lower back in 1992 and mine was both hands for carpal tunnel in 2010. We are living on a budget that I would not wish upon anyone! We bought a condo in 1997, then I was laid off a year later. Our medical bills exceed our food and gas expenses. Our current washer and dryer are aging and there is no way we can afford to replace them — we are hoping they “hang in” there for us. Plus the energy and water efficiency would help extremely due to our “under $$ and over expenditures” budget.

    Thank you for listening!!! Love to all and may our country get stronger. God Bless Everyone in these difficult times. Lois

  20. The most memorable time doing laundry was when I was doing laundry and one load of clothes came out tie-dyed. I still can’t figure out what happen. I didn’t do anything different from that load that wasn’t done in the previous one or the one after. The worst part of it was the fact that one of my boyfriend’s good and favorite pair of pants was in that load. I would love to win a new washer and dryer that is energy efficient so I can save money and time.

  21. I don’t really have a good story or anything funny to tell you about. What I can say is I love doing laundry. I know most people hate it but I dont…really I don’t. I love the smell of fresh laundry and I love getting the clothes out of the dryer and putting them on when they are still warm. Really.. can’t you just imagine that cozy feeling.

  22. I actually love doing laundry!! I love the smell of freshly washed warm clothes!! I hate when others do it & add towels to ant load that is not just towels!!

  23. My most memorable laundry experience is unfortunately not a good one. One weekend about 10 years ago, I started the laundry and went outside to do some gardening. When I came back in a half an hour later to check on the washer, I found water and soap suds not only in the laundry room, but also in the bathroom and kitchen! It was a big mess. We had always purchased used applicances up until then. That day, we went out and bought my first ever brand new washer and dryer. Neither have many bells or whistles, but so far, I have not found a flooded house after washing a load of laundry.

  24. My washer and dryer are my most vauled tools. And they really never stop running. We are a family of 9, mom dad and 7 kids.
    A few years ago I started my floral design business and the laundry room became my flower work room. Imagine, a walk in refrigerator surrounded by counters, sink and shelves just full of vases, ribbons etc… Then on the floor in front of the washer and drier you will alwasy find a stack of the next load waiting to go in.
    So the funny part is several times a year I get contacted by various people from around the country asking if they can come spend a week training with me. My family and I laugh and laugh at the thought of these people coming expecting some fancy designer in her wonderful warehouse, but what they would really find is a mom of 7 scooching laundry piles out of the way so she can start designing her next wedding!
    The problem is the poor washer and drier are now on their last legs, so now when I am out there I can’t here myself think while creating wedding flowers as the poor machines are making terrible noises, begging for mercy!

  25. Having four kids who are very busy people is only one of the reasons I am drooling over this set. I would have to say a memorable moment, was finding out that my two oldest children were putting their four year old sister in the dryer for a spin. Let’s just say I put an end to that fast.

    Hoping I win this great set. The capacity would make my life so much easier :)

  26. I would love a new washer and Dryer. I do laundry everyday because it is located in my hallway. I have teenagers who like to dump their football, volleyball, track and ballet gear in the basket everyday. I’m sure you can guess the smell that can occur if left unattended. I let me not forget the my husband is a firefighter and boy can he put off a beautiful aroma at the end of the day. I live for the smell of fresh laundry and would love to be chose as a winner! Your daily laundry Queen Cindy

  27. I am a mother of two boys, 5 years and 6 months. We could use a new washer and dryer because our current ones are not in the best shape. All our household furniture and major appliances are hand-me-downs as we are working to pay off all of our debt and be debt free! In persuit of this we are not buying anything new and if it works we use it. Our current washer “works” we just have to open the lid and give it a few hand spins to get the final spin cycle going other wise we have soaking clothes! 😉

    A few entertaining stories from our past:
    -When I was about 7 (27 now) my sister and I were being babysat by an older friend, 14 at the time. She wanted to impress my parents since it was our first time sitting us. She loaded the dishwasher with dishes and the laundry machine with our dirty play clothes from the day. When she asked us where my mom kept the soap for both we didn’t know, so we left her to find it on her own and headed for the living room to watch a movie. A short while later she joined us. About half way into the movie my sister got up to get a snack from the kitchen and began to yell at us about bubble. The sitter and I entered the kitchen to find bubbles pouring out of both the dishwasher and from under the closed laundry room door. My sister and I dived right in and played in the suds. Eventually we helped our sitter mop up with water and towels. While doing this my parents returned home to find lots of suds still left. The sitter showed my mom the bottles she had used for soap for both the dishes and the laundry, my mom was curious since she said she was out of BOTH laundry detergent and dishwasher soap. Turns out she used liquid dish soap (for washing in the sink) for the dishwasher and the clothing. Surprisingly my parents laughed it off.

    -When my first son turned 3 he began wanting to help me with the laundry. He was a late on the potty training train and was just getting there. I had loaded the washer and asked him to grab the few things left on his bedroom floor and put them in our top loading washer. He did so and I glanced in his room to see the clothing was gone and I went and shut the lid to the washer so the wash could start. I did not check to see what he put in the washer however! When the load was done I began to pull the items out to putin the dryer and found lots of little gel type balls (little crystals that are used in diapers and panti-liners for absorbtion) all over the clothing. As I searched through the rest of the washer I see a very large and swollen diaper in with all the clothes! Gross! I removed the diaper, shook out all the clothes as best as i could, cleaned out the drum of the washer and re-did the load. I was not happy but that is what i got for aksing my son help me do laundry!

  28. My most memoriable washer & dryer moments are the ones shared with my husband and kids. Teaching my husband how to do laundry has been quite an experience as he still does not understand why it is important to separate colors from whites, well that was until one day he put a red shirt in with his white socks. Needless to say I ended up having to go out and buy him some new socks as pink just want not his color. My fondest memory with my oldest son was right before he left to go to college this past fall and he was now going to be responsible for his own laudry. He never knew so much went into it as he said I made it look easy. Still when he comes home for visits he seems to bring all of his clothes home with him because no one does it like I do he says, they just don’t feel or smell the same. I am now trying with my youngest to start him out a little earlier then his brother, he separates his clothes for me and is now taking them from the washing machine & putting them into the dryer. We are still working on getting them out of the dryer & folded :-)

  29. Laundry is one of those never ending tasks in life like the dishes…on the positive side it can be relaxing the smell of clean clothes and seeing your mountain of dirty clothes disappear is quite the accomplishment; especially washing for 7 of us. I have recruited my daughters help years ago. Now it’s time to teach my boys to wash, dry, and fold their laundry nice and neat! I am not a drill sargent really, maybe a little, lol. They will learn another life skill and respect even out of doing their laundry. The best part of the new Karate Kid movie was when the boy was beginning his training. He had to put on his jacket throw it on the floor and then hang it on a pole, since his trainer noticed he would always put his jacket on the floor at home even after being told repeatedly by his mother to hang it up. He did this for days until his attitude changed!
    So all I ask is you separte the colors and check the POCKETS!!! and we are all Good!

  30. My most memorable moments of doing laundry are when I am washing my new tie-dye creations for the first time. It’s always so much fun to pull them out and see how they turned out! I’d love to win, as the handle is broken off of our washer, so opening it is always a challenge!

  31. My most memorable moment was going to college and having to ask my roommate how to do laundry. I honestly had no idea and every week we would hang out and do our laundry togther and its part of the reason why we still are friends today!

  32. Having never owned a new set of laundry appliances, I’m thinkin it would be great just to experience what they might look like. No dings, no mismatched paint, knobs still present so the pliers needn’t be nearby. What a concept!. Still, I’ve no major complaints as the dryer will indeed eventually dry the clothes although it looks at me as I approach with a comforter or bed spread and I swear I can hear it chuckling at me, “bring it on, dude. Come back tomorrow and I’ll have it dry by then.” Of course, it is in cahoots with the washer who thinks it is hilarious to fill the tub to the set water level and then trip the circuit breaker as it changes to the wash or rinse cycles. It is often I come home after setting it to do its thing and find the clothes basking in their laundry room spa. Niice! What is most appreciated is that that circuit also powers the heater so when it trips, the heater or a/c blower goes on sabbatical too. What’s a laundry dinosaur to do? Haven’t thought about it too terribly much, but now that you bring it up . . .

  33. Hello,
    I am entering this contest because my washer and dryer are at least over10 years old. They still work but I can hear the overused sound as if the machines are telling me “please let me retire” or “please have mercy.” I am a single mom with a son. Supporting myself and my son now-a-days is not so easy with the increasing prices of almost everything you want or need.

    My most memorable washing experience was when my hot water was not working or at least blocked somehow and I did not know how to fix it. So, I thought as long as the clothes are cleaned it did not matter. But, I used powder detergent and so all the items I washed had white flakes on. It took me awhile to figure out why.

  34. I have many memorable laundry experiences since my washer and dryer have caused much drama in my home. I have to say the best was when we all had pink eye and just about everything was in the laundry room to be cleaned and the washer stopped half way through the cycle….. 2 days later and after the Sears repair guy came out (for the 5 or 6th time in 2 years) I was then able to resume cleaning laundry in our home. My favorite part of my washer has always been when the Sears guys would say, “oh yes, this is the worst washer out there…. I am actually on my way to go fix another one of those just down the street from you.”

  35. Doing laundry has been a memorable experience my entire life. I’ve been to laundry mats, I’ve bought new washers with a used dryer because that’s all that I could afford. I never really had a decent working washer or dryer at the same time until about eight or nine years ago. I purchased a nice heavy duty set from the local appliance store and was so excited! Mind you, it was like having a brand new car. I monitored the use by my teenagers like a hawk. I emptied all of the pant pockets prior to washing and always made sure not to overload the washer etc. Sure enough, one time I missed a pack of gum that actually survived the wash and made it to the dryer….yes that’s right…my new coveted appliance was tarred with chewing gum! What a chore to remove the gum. Needless to say, I’m long past the eagle’s nest watch realizing that it’s a joy to have the convenience of your own washer and dryer.

  36. My most memorable laundry moment was when my two kids were little. It was a cold day one winter when my son was 9 and my daughter was 4, and they decided to play hide and seek indoors because there weren’t any other kids out. I was doing the dishes (by hand, no dishwasher then) and they went off to play. After the dishes were done and I’d made the beds, I asked my son where his sister was. He said she was still hiding, but he didn’t know where and didn’t want to play anymore. I decided I’d put the last load of wash into the dryer and then go looking for her. So, I’m in the den, I’ve got an armload of wet towels and wash cloths, and when I opened the dryer door….there, curled up in the bottom of the dryer, is my 4-year-old daughter sound asleep. I gently woke her up and while she was climbing out, she told me all about playing hide and seek with her brother, how she got so sleepy waiting for him to find her, and asked me “did I win?” . It was so cute, but then I had to warn her to never get in there again because she could have gotten hurt. I’m so glad I looked before I threw in the towels. It’s a favorite family story to tell now, and she still blushes when we tell it. That was 20 years ago and I still have the same washer and dryer, although the dryer door has to be propped shut with a dowel for it to run. Guess I need a new set, but the old one will always be remembered fondly.

  37. My favorite use of my drier was when my son was 6 weeks old the only thing that would calm him down would be sitting him in his babyseat on the drier. It was heaven because he would cry nonstop for hours and the car ride got really boring.

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  39. My moment was when I was pregnant with my youngest my twins were 16 months old and they use to get inside the dryer every time I was switching it over and yell ” WEEEE, YEA! FUn FUN” and cried if I made them get out to put in the wet clothes. Talk about my hands full, 5 children and 2 adults makes a whole lot of laundry to do every day.
    We are very blessed!

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